Happy Valentines ❤️

Happy Valentine's, Gorgeous People!

Whether you are single, in a relationship, married, going through a breakup, in love with your horse, or just happy and don't need anyone at all, let's celebrate Valentine's as a day of self-love or any love towards humans or animals. 

I have had quite a few jewellery commissions through this month, so I have added solid 9ct and 18ct yellow gold options to some of the best sellers. All solid gold pendants will take three weeks to create and arrive hallmarked; they can also be engraved, or we can add diamonds or other precious stones to them. 

The great thing about solid gold is that it will never wear, never go down in value, and will be solid gold forever. 

We hope that wherever you are today, you are loved, feeling love or giving yourself, self love.

Wishing you all a beautiful week,

Caroline xx

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