How to Measure Your Ring Size

How to measure your ring size

We’ve all been in that situation where someone’s asked us our ring size, and our minds go blank.

Get it wrong, and you risk your ring slipping off your finger and being lost forever, or getting it stuck with no wriggle room! 

This is especially true if you’re buying a ring online, as you can’t try the ring on before you buy it.

If you’re eyeing up a shiny new ring, here’s our guide to getting the sizing right.

How is ring size measured?

In the UK (as well as Australia and New Zealand), ring size is measured in millimetres (mm). There are typically 24 different sizes going from A (the smallest) to Z (the largest). 

Some jewellers also split some of the most common sizes into half sizes, like you sometimes see with shoes. This helps ensure you get the best fit.

Ring measuring systems are different in the US, Canada and EU as they use numbers rather than letters. 

Here’s a handy ring sizing chart which you can not only use to find out what your UK ring size is, but convert to international sizes too.

how to measure ring size

The average ring size for a woman in the UK is O, and the average ring size for men is T. We’re all built differently though, so don’t stress if your ring size is smaller or bigger than this!

Easy ways to measure your ring size

So… how do you measure your ring size? There are two methods you can use.

1. Measuring your own ring

If you already have a ring that you love to wear, you can use this to work out your ring size. Grab a tape measure or ruler and measure the diameter – this is the inside of your ring from one end to another. For example, if the diameter of your ring is 18mm, you’re a size P. 

Easy P-easy!

how to measure ring size

2. Measuring your finger

Try measuring your finger if you don’t have a ring or want to double-check your ring size.

Measuring your finger is easier than you might think. Just grab a piece of string or a strip of paper and wrap it around the base of your finger. It should be snug, but not uncomfortable. If you’re using string, don’t pull it too tight, as this may give you an inaccurate measurement. 

Mark where the string or paper overlaps and measure it against a tape measure or ruler. This will provide you with the circumference of your finger and your ring size.

how to measure ring size

Here are some of our top tips for getting the perfect fit when measuring your ring size.

  1. Measure in the evening as this is when your fingers will be at their largest size. Better to be a little loose than a little tight!
  2. Make sure your hands are nice and warm – our fingers shrink in the cold
  3. Wider bands usually fit tighter than narrow bands, so take this into account when you’re measuring
  4. If you’re in-between ring sizes, it’s always better to size up
  5. Got larger knuckles? We don’t judge here. Measure your knuckle and finger and select a ring size between the two. You don’t want a ring that is so tight you can’t get it on or so loose that it turns in towards your palm all the time
  6. Check the ring size a couple of times, especially if you’re planning on wearing your ring every day
  7. Bear in mind that the fingers on your dominant hand are a little larger than the fingers on your non-dominant hand
  8. If you’re planning on stacking your rings, consider going up half a size (and sending us photos of your ring stack!)

What to do if you need to measure someone’s ring size in secret

If you want to buy a ring for a surprise proposal or a birthday present, it can be hard to know the right size. It seems you know everything about them apart from the size ring they wear!

The best thing to do is borrow one of your loved one’s rings and measure it up using the techniques above. Remember that different fingers will be different sizes – a ring worn on the thumb will be bigger than one on a ring finger.

Many high-street jewellers recommend wrapping a piece of string around your partner’s finger while they’re asleep, but we can’t guarantee that this is a successful technique! Perhaps if they’re a heavy sleeper…

We hope this guide has given you some helpful insight into measuring your fingers for the perfect fit. 

Next stop… buying all the rings!

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