Meet The Incredible Laura Thyer and Her Horse Florian

Meet the amazing Laura Thyer

What a last couple of weeks I have had, busy, stressful, and I am so ready for the spring to come; this time of year feels like the last slog of winter with a bit of glimmer of the days starting to get a little lighter in the morning. I do find the winters in London hard.

Anyway, I have been busy designing some new rings for The Wild Horse Club, which I can not wait to share with you in the next few weeks once they are ready to order. I have also started taking custom commissions, so if you are looking to get a bespoke piece of jewellery made, drop me a reply or go through the website and we can start working on your piece.

This week I wanted to share an interview and photos with one of our new ambassadors Laura Thyer.

Laura and I connected on Instagram, and I was instantly enamoured by her cool style, horse girl energy and clear connection with animals. I was thrilled when she agreed to be an ambassador, and we booked a shoot in instantly. She said she was in The Cotswolds, and so then I knew an evening at The Soho Farmhouse was on the cards.

Laura has this amazing unique style; she is 6ft tall with this strong amazonian figure and a natural-born horsewoman. She lives in a picturesque part of The Cotswolds with her great gang of animals, including her german shepherd, cats, and three horses.

I spent the afternoon shooting Laura; we had such a giggle; she was funny and down to earth, half-joked about always wanting to become a stunt woman, and I just loved her energy for life. I photographed her in a couple of The Wild Horse Club pieces, her favourites was the gold rearing horse pendant and the gold snaffle bit necklace, and I must say when she was dressed all in black, they looked as though they were designed for her.

Caroline xx

Here is Laura's interview:

What is your connection with horses?

I have always felt a strong connection to all animals. I grew up as an only child without that much socialisation; it was me and Yetti, my German Shepherd. We spent our days playing in the garden and him patiently letting me lay my Barbies on him. I originally wanted to ride Zebras as a child and then comprised for horses... I was hooked straight away! I got my first horse when I was six years old; Dominic was a huge 17.2hh Danish Warmblood that my parents took on as he was about to be put down. I then was out playing with him, I used to put my hands over his head, and he would lift me. From then on, I was always riding. When I ride, it is the closest I can come to meditation (I'm not so great at switching off). They honestly bring me so much joy to be around. I think they understand me better than most people!

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Somerset - In the middle of nowhere! We have a Church in our village, and that was it growing up. We used to be able to ride to the beach and go for a canter which I now really miss!

Is anyone in your family horsey?

My family have always had animals of every shape and size - and saved any that they could! In particular, my Papa was very involved with all animals and one of the main reasons why I adored them so much. He used to catch wild ponies on the Welsh mountains, break them and ride them into the village to sell at the market. He was fearless and loved horses! He and my Father studied Dressage to help me as I was learning. Sadly he passed a few years ago but have all his notes and books, which I still read, and he helps my training even now. My whole family are very involved with the horses and have been super supportive my entire life.

What's your main passion/ day job?

My main passion is Dressage - hands down. It is the reason for the day job! I have always been good with numbers and a total geek - I studied Further Maths and Physics at school. It was a natural progression to Accounting. I really enjoy my current job - I have a really super boss who is very supportive and understanding of my riding. I work a lot of hours, but I manage to fit schooling the horses in the mornings and lunchtime.

What are you working on right now?

I have lots of exciting business ideas which I am working on at the moment, which I don't want to say too much about. I always have the wildest ideas, but they are actually starting to come to light which is an amazing feeling. I've had a hard time with the horses, having lost a couple of the best horses I will probably ever ride. Although (touch wood), I am really excited about my three current horses in training. They are so talented, and we have been through a lot. I can't wait to get them all out competing soon and for Santiago to make our PSG debut.

Can you describe your style?

Super classic - I love Monochrome colours. I'm rarely out of black! I love a neck scarf, long gloves, long boots and traditional cut clothes. I have so many of my Mothers hand-me-downs that have come back into fashion now. My friends tell me I dress like an old lady, but I love it! When I am eventually out of black, I am a complete magpie and adore sparkly things - so any sparkly dress is my go-to for an evening out.

What piece of jewellery would you like to see us design?

I adore your designs - they are so beautiful and classic. I love the equestrian style, so when I am wearing normal 'non-horsey' clothes, I still usually look equestrian. Some of your designs remind me of one of my horses. Very muscular and defined! I think some ring designs would be a great addition to your collection.

What life advice would you pass on to your 17-year-old self?

Honestly, a lot - I was having a bit of a hard time then! To always, always trust your gut, to not be afraid of being weird or unapologetically yourself. You are different to all of your friends, and that's a good thing - embrace it! Make time for yourself, above others, not the other way round! To always live in the moment, make the most of the time with your family. Do not be so afraid of putting yourself out there - it is not the end of the world if you fail! Also, trust the process and journey...No matter how hard you will get through the lows; remember to LIVE the highs.


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