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Meet Claudia

Meet Claudia, I photographed Claudia for an Ascot editorial which I was doing with fashion brand AQAQ. We had connected through Instagram a couple of years ago over our shared love of horses and fashion. I just love Claudia's style and seeing what she is up to. 

 Claudia is beautiful, funny and has the most wicked fashion style. Her Instagram has blown up with her unique mix between high fashion and equestrian attire with her quirky touch added. 

 She is based in Windsor and keeps her growing horse collection at a breathtakingly beautiful livery yard near Windsor Great Park. Claudia's love is dressage, and she rides and competes. She has just bred some beautiful foals which she hopes to produce for dressage. 

 She has a kind, natural and beautiful way with horses. After a lifetime of being horse -obsessed she feels most at home in her natural habitat with her horses. 

 I always love coming to Claudia's beautiful world to photograph her, it feels like such a treat and I am so excited to have her on board as one of our first ambassadors for The Wild Horse Club. Read her interview below:

What is your connection with horses?

Ever since I can remember I was pony obsessed! Now I’m older I can understand how amazing horses are. Even if the weather is cold and wet and I’m having the worst day the second I’m with my horses all this goes away! They are truly the most exceptional creatures!

Where did you grow up?

I was born in the U.K. When I was 5 my family and I moved to Michigan U.S.A I completed middle school there and then moved to Frankfurt Germany where I stayed until I graduated before moving back to London to complete my University at London college of fashion.

Is anyone in your family horsey?

Everyone! My parents have a farm in the Cotswolds. Two of my retired dressage horses are there along with my mother's horses. My husband is a show jumper and my daughter has just got her first pony.

What's your main passion?

My main passion is certainly dressage. I also have a strong passion for all things fashion so I always try to combine.


You can find Claudia on Instagram @claudia.eqitation

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  • Ute María

    Dear all,
    do you know to where Claudia’s instagram account has disappeared?
    I loved to follow her, but now her account is not existent any more :(.

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