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Meet Lily 

Meet Lily Robinson, a horsewoman, actor, soon-to-be foal mummy and an all-around brilliant human being. I met Lily through my best friend Kate (read about Kate here). Lily had a passion for acting, writing and horses from a young age and grew up between Los Angeles and Wales.

Her father is actor, director and writer Bruce Robinson and her mum is the artist Sophie Windham, who creates these beautiful serene paintings, you can check out her work here.

Lily is funny, interesting, talented, beautiful and a brilliant horsewoman. When she is not working in London or LA she is residing in the Welsh countryside and trying her hand at horse breeding. She currently has 2 foals arriving in September.

My boyfriend Jeremy and I went up to photography Lily in June this year and we had the most magical day with the Robinsons- what an incredible and talented family. Jez is a huge Bruce Robinson fan- famously the writer and director of cult classic Withnail and I so he was over the moon as we were invited to stay for lunch and hang out with his hero.

Lily is currently working on a film script as well as appearing in ‘Minamata’ this year and horse breeding- I am absolutely honoured to have Lily on board as one of our first ambassadors, here's her interview:

What is your connection with horses?

 I grew up with horses and somehow never fell out of love with them. They’re a lifelong and unswerving fascination of mine, everything about them interests me from saddles to whiskers. There is something grounding about horses, my blood pressure drops the second I get to the barn.

Where did you grow up?

 I grew up mainly on the Welsh borders.

 Is anyone in your family horsey?

 My mother's a rider. She was the one who supported my childhood equestrian endeavours, saved up and bought me my first horse Millie (who is still with me to this day) and for that, I will be forever grateful.

What's your main passion?

I love old things, gothic buildings - old houses with interesting things in them, old books, reading old books, Blues music, big trees. I have a collection of rare books, they’re my most treasured possessions. I like things with a history attached. 

What are you working on right now?

 I'm writing or trying to. I’m not sure if I can call myself a writer yet. 

How was lockdown? What has the last year taught you about life?

 I was fortunate enough to spend it in the countryside which also meant I didn't see a soul for months. I struggled with missing those I love. I had to learn to appreciate the small things.

Can you describe your style?

 My style is casual, purely because I'm too laid back to make much of an effort, I hate taking any longer than 10 minutes to get ready so if I can get an outfit on in 10 that works for me.

What life advice would you pass on to your 17-year-old self?

 Be kinder to your parents and burn your wardrobe, you'll strongly regret the boob tube/ hot pant phase when you're older.


You can find Lily @lilyindiaro

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