Wild Enough to Join? Welcome to The Wild Horse Club's First Diary Entry

Welcome to The Wild Horse Club's first-ever diary entry. I am Caroline and I have been working on this brand idea for a while now. The last year in lockdown has given me the greatest gift of time. I have reflected on life and looked back over my career. In doing this I have started to work on a venture which I have always wanted to do.

The Wild Horse Club is a very personal brand for me, its fashion, it's a bit rock n roll, it very London, but it features nothing but horses which I connected with during the early part of my life. A sort of Pony Club Girl grows up into an urban rock n roll chick type vibe.

This is not a brand for equestrians, I have no interest in making jodhpurs or riding boots, this is a very urban place. I have plans for making everything from collectable resin horses to leather jackets to jewellery, bookends and even lighting. Horses will be at the heart of everything I do. My obsession with capturing the free spirit of wild horses and horsewomen will be the driving force behind every design.

This brand is an adventure. Right now I am at the beginning brimming full with ideas so excited about where I am going to take this. This will be an actual club, I have so many ideas for the direction in which I am wanting to do this. Sign up to the mailing list, drop me a DM to say hi and come and join me for this wild ride,

Caroline xx


  • Chloe Sachikonye

    Caroline is an artist whose medium does not define her. Her work is experimental and constantly moving at a pace. Horses are incredible animals and the way she creatively dissects them is beyond belief. It’s always a pleasure to see what visual delights she comes up with next! x

  • Jessica Cheetham

    One of my favourite artists. I want to get wild with you! X

  • Richard Symonds

    Incredible idea Caroline, you never fail to amaze with your creativity, what a cool idea. X

  • verity casey

    Caroline is uber talented and innovative. Her enthusiasm for all things creative is infectious. Everything she turns her hand to immediately becomes cool and joyful. Verity. X

  • sharon

    how exciting – horses spirit and energy create such beauty and power together – I adore this idea and am excited to be part of this journey to connect more with my wild in the wold horse club, gallop on please

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