The French Alps & The Unicorn Pendant 🦄 ❤️

My boyfriend Jez and I have just returned from a Ski trip to the French Alps. 

 I took my little silver unicorn pendant with me for luck as I had not skied in 20 years and thought I could use a lucky charm.  We stayed in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, the most charming and magical place, surrounded by the snowy mountains.  It was the first little break that I had had this year as I have thrown myself into designing new pieces for The Wild Horse Club and have been working manically since Christmas.

We hired the most fantastic ski instructor who by day 4 has us confidently skiing down green, blue and parts of a red run. 

Being up in the mountains in the fresh air is one of the most tranquil, inspiring and life resetting feelings, and as an artist, it's a privilege to experience moments like these as it gives you perspective and a chance to step away from your work.

I am back in my studio this week, full of inspiration and new ideas for new jewellery pieces.  Travel as much as you can; it's magical for creativity. 

Have a great week,

Caroline xx

Jez and I last week learning to Ski

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