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Hi Everyone!
I hope you all have had a brilliant start to 2022! I can not believe it is nearly mid-January already. I was meant to send out a mail last week but I have been so busy designing new pieces and doing boring admin (tax mainly) that the days have just flown past.
We have had in a couple of new pieces which I wanted to share with you, the new wild horse pendant based on a stunt horse called Cal which is owned by The Devil's Horseman (you will find out more about them in a couple of weeks) and a new snaffle bit necklace.
The Wild Horse Pendant comes in 2 sizes, a large one with a flowing mane which is 32mm in height and then a smaller one with a lesser flowing mane at 24mm in height. All the weights and further details can be found on the website- links below.
The snaffle bit necklaces have not been properly photographed on a model yet which I am doing tomorrow, but there is a very homemade video of me modelling them this morning on Instagram reels, LINK HERE apologies for the bad modelling in advance.
We are also doing another ambassador search, last year we had over 1000 applications and I was completely overwhelmed. The last few weeks I have been a bit more organised and have now officially installed a piece of influencer software where I can accept ambassadors and gift them rewards, give them product discount codes and then they can earn commissions back for referrals. It's all very new but seems to work like a dream. If you want to apply please click the link below. If you have already applied, would you mind applying again as I am not allowed to copy your information across without your permission for legal reasons. This year I would like to take on up to 20 ambassadors and really looking forward to working with more of you. 
I'm signing off, please get in touch if you have any questions about anything and wish everyone a great rest of week.
Caroline xx
Want to represent the The Wild Horse Club? We aim to build an authentic community of ambassadors who are passionate about horses & fashion. Apply to receive free gifts and rewards through our ambassadors program. ❤️

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